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Welcome to all of you on surajgond.com, the purpose of this website is to connect all people with technology, to bring new information to you.

surajgond.com is a blog launched in 2020, tracking news, analysis, opinion, technology, and every aspect of knowledge and science.

The purpose of creating this blog is to spread all the information available on the Internet to many people in one place. In this blog, the fields of science and technology have been raised, selecting a wide variety of materials.

We started this blog last year, but it got stuck in the middle due to Corona (Covid-19, Chinese Virus). Once I had left it too, because it is going to take a lot of time and effort to rebuild it, but then I started working on it afresh with renewed excitement, and today it is in front of you people. 

Suraj Gond founder of surajgond.com

  On this website, we make people aware of all the things happening in the world of technology that they should know in today’s technology world. We mainly cover the latest news, and technical news product reviews, including how to make money online, about gadgets, and guide everything related to technology in some way!

Thank you all so much for visiting surajgond.com, we hope you are enjoying the site!

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