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Dangerous heatwave in California and Arizona: What you need to know

California, Arizona: When the sun blazed high in the sky, temperatures in California and Arizona skyrocketed to a sweltering 110 degrees Fahrenheit. The scorching heat wasn’t just uncomfortable; it led to serious problems.

At a rally in California, eleven people had to go to the hospital because they got really sick from the heat. This showed how dangerous the weather had become.

But that wasn’t all. In places like Colorado and Kansas, bad storms brought big hail and strong winds. There was even a chance of tornadoes! It was pretty scary.

The bad weather didn’t stop there. It stretched all the way to Kentucky, bringing heavy rain. While rain was good for places like Kansas that needed it, it also meant there was a risk of flooding. People had to be careful.

On Friday, there were over 130 reports of storms causing damage, mostly in Kansas and Nebraska.

The wind was so strong, reaching up to 84 miles per hour, and the hail was as big as tennis and basketballs. It was a tough day for many.

Dangerous heat in California & Arizona
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Meanwhile, the heat in places like Las Vegas and Tucson was breaking records. Las Vegas hit 110 degrees, while Tucson reached 109 degrees! It was super hot everywhere, from California to Colorado and beyond.

But the heat wasn’t just uncomfortable; it was dangerous. In Florida, where it felt like 105 to 110 degrees, people had to be extra careful.

According to the National Weather Service, the hot weather was expected to stick around for a while, but there was hope on the horizon. A possible storm in the Gulf of Mexico might bring some relief.

Even though the weather was tough, people stuck together and helped each other out. From the scorching deserts to the hot streets, communities stayed strong. And as the sun set, there was hope for a better, cooler tomorrow.

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