Fani Cyclone

In the wake of Fani Cyclone, rescue and relief agencies are on high alert in Odisha. The IMD said that near the Puri of Odisha, a serious process of cyclone started at around 8 am in the morning, which was running at a speed of 240-245 km / hr and heavy heavy rains continued in low lying areas.

What Is Fani Cyclone?

Its name came from Bangladesh. Fonni means that the snake’s fun is poisonous, and everyone is afraid of seeing it. This storm is also the same kind of scary.

After landfall, the impact is likely to be low and it is likely to move towards the west Bengle coast, IMD confirmed.

Over 11.5 Lac people are being transferred to cyclone shelters in the weaker, lower areas of 13 Distric.

They have already suspended the operation of trains in Odisha and all the trains of Bhadrak-Vijayanagaram section (Kolkata-Chennai route) have been canceled till Saturday. Total 140 trains including 83 passenger trains have been canceled so far.

Here Are the Latest Updates Of Cyclone Fani

 Cyclone has moved slightly northwards and at 4.30 pm, the coastal Odisha is centered around 50 km north east of Cuttack. Night in Bhubaneswar is 2.30 p.m. Maximum 98 kmph of south-east wind speed

The Cyclone Has Already Damaged Bhadrak In Odisha.

The gas, the Bhubaneswar bus, was blown up by the strong winds.

 Six lightweight helicopters with a pulley for rescue work, five middle lift helicopters and four AAN 32 aircraft were deployed to relief material, medical aid and medical relief teams for the NDRF team with equipment for relief material. is. For quick deployment in Odisha and West Bengal, helicopters in Bagdogra and Purnia have been kept ready. Apart from this, the middle lift helicopters in Silchar Kumbhirgram have been kept standby for the phase when the Tripura, Tripura, Mizoram, Manipur, and Nagaland will start affecting the states.

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