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Scientists surprised, giant hoodwinker Sunfish found on Oregon beach

Gearhart, Oregon: Creating quite a stir, a rare sea creature, the Hoodwinker Sunfish, was discovered washed up on the north coast of Oregon.

Sunfish, typically native to the southern hemisphere and thriving in temperate climates, have baffled experts with their appearance in this unusual location.

On Monday (June 3), a crowd of eager spectators gathered on Gearhart Beach to witness the remarkable sight, which quickly became a social media sensation.

Measuring an impressive 7.3 feet in length, this particular sunfish belongs to the rare species known as Mola Tecta, a discovery made only in 2017. Its presence caught the attention of marine biologist Marrine Nyegaard from New Zealand, who was the first to describe this species.

Hoodwinker Sunfish found Gearhart Beach
source seaside aquarium

The Seaside Aquarium shared the news on social media, and Nygard and the guys went to the site and took the photo. In the photo, you can see a man sitting next to the sunfish and looking at it as it lies in the mud.

Nyegaard, noting its size, remarked that it is the largest specimen of its kind ever studied. The mystery deepens as researchers ponder how such a creature managed to surface thousands of kilometers away from its typical habitat.

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Suraj Gond
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