South Korea Gets World’s First 5G Network

China’s Huawei Technologies launched the world’s first 5G communication hardware on Monday for automotive industry, indicating its growing ambitions for becoming a major supplier of self-driving technology. Huawei said in a statement that the so-called MH5000 module is based on the Balong 5000 5G chip which it launched in January. “Based on this chip, Huawei has developed the world’s first 5G car module with high speed and high quality,” it said.

Launched The Module In Shanghai Auto Show

It launched the module in Shanghai Auto Show, which started last week and runs till Thursday. “As an important communication product for future intelligent car transport, this 5G car module will promote the automotive industry to move towards the 5th century,” Huawei said.

It said that the module will assist in its plans to start the business of 5G network technology for automotive sector in the second half of this year.

5G Testing On Car

Huawei has been testing technology for intelligent connecting cars in Chinese cities like Shanghai, Shenzhen and Wuxi in recent years and has signed cooperation deals with one of the manufacturers of FAW, Dongfeng and Changan, with a swathe of cars manufacturers.

The company, which is also the world’s largest telecommunications equipment manufacturer, is working to lead the global race for the next generation 5G network, but has come under increasing scrutiny from Washington, alleging that its equipment is used for spying Can be used for. Huawei has repeatedly denied the allegations.

Efforts have also been made to improve indoor coverage in places like shopping malls and airports, while SK Telecom has been proud of its technology and has given it four times the profit on its competitors.

It adds that its network is ready to support low-latency applications like autonomous vehicles and smart cities, and with the combination of 4G and 5G infrastructure, speed up to 2.7Gbps is enabled.

5G Data Cost Are Equal

SK Telecom’s scheme has offered more than 7,000 content which enhances the capabilities of these speeds, including 4K video, gaming and Augmented and Virtual Reality (AR and VR).

In haste, SK Telecom is offering similar data for less than 4G at equal cost.

Started 5G services in South Korea

The company started 5G services in South Korea in December last year, along with two other Korean operators. However, these were not mobile broadband services because the 5G handsets were not commercially available.

Samsung was the first major manufacturer to expand the 5G smartphone in February, while many others were announced at the Mobile World Congress (MWC) in Barcelona.

Verizon launched the world’s first 5G network in the US last year and plans to provide services later this year. Meanwhile, all four UK operators have confirmed that they will launch 5G networks in 2019.

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